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WRH Realty Services, Inc. Named an epIQ Top 100 Management Company by SatisFacts


Jacksonville, FL – WRH Realty Services, Inc., a full-service real estate investment, property management, construction and consulting firm has listed on the SatisFacts epIQ (Experience & Performance Intelligence Quotient) Index top 100 Management companies for January, 2020. WRH is number 53 on the list with an epIQ Index Value of 75.28.

The epIQ Index is powered by verified Apartment Ratings and SatisFacts data. The Index takes multiple sets of complex data, and simplifies them into one easy to understand rating. The rating is calculated by measuring 4 key variables measured over the most recent 365 day period. Variables include renter ratings (from reviews and surveys), manager review response rate, review volume, and manager review response time.

The monthly list of epIQ Index Top 100 Management Companies will be published every month on the SatisFacts Blog.


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