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WRH Realty Communities Ranked Among the Top 1% Apartments Nationally for Online Reputation by J Turner Research


Jacksonville, FL – WRH Realty Services, Inc., a full-service real estate investment, property management, construction, and consulting firm in the southeast with properties in Florida, Texas, North Carolina, and South Carolina is pleased to announce that Katie Manor, Caroline Oaks, Cassie Gardens, Macie Creek Apartments, The Carling, Quarry Key West, Coralina Apartments, Harbor Cove Apartments, Three Rivers Apartments, Lofts at Monroe, and Lofts at Murray Hill have all been recognized among the Elite 1% properties in the nation with the best online reputation for 2022 by J Turner Research, the leading market research firm exclusively serving the multifamily industry. Of the 132,000 plus properties J Turner monitors, 1,984 properties earned the Elite 1% distinction in the nineth annual Elite 1% ORA™ Power Ranking, published by Multifamily Executive (MFE).

Developed by J Turner Research, the ORA® Power Ranking is based on monthly online reputation research of over 132,000 properties’ lifetime reviews across multiple review sites and Internet Listing Services (ILSs). Based on a statistical model, J Turner assigns an independent Online Reputation Assessment Score (ORA®) to each property on a scale of 0-100. The ORA® Score determines a property’s rank in the Elite 1% ranking. The national average ORA® Score as of December 2022 was 62.62. Katie Manor scored 99 (7 in rank), Caroline Oaks scored 99 (25 in rank), Cassie Gardens scored 98 (76 in rank), Macie Creek scored 98 (103 in rank), The Carling scored 97 (173 in rank), Quarry scored 96 (371 in rank), Coralina scored 95 (595 in rank), Harbor Cove scored 94 (1321 in rank), Three Rivers scored 94 (1395 in rank), Lofts at Monroe scored 94 (1593 in rank), and Lofts at Murray Hill scored 94 (1832 in rank).

J Turner Research developed the ORA® Score to simplify how online reputation is measured, and it serves as the multifamily industry standard to measure a property’s online reputation. Each month, MFE publishes a ranking of properties and management companies based on their ORA® scores. A property or a management company does not have to be a J Turner Research client to qualify for this ranking. To learn more about ORA®, please visit


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